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In our technical world humans will continuously develop the technologies and systems to make life more comfortable, overcome diseases and extend life. 

Bionics contributes to this and more: If we look deeply into the secrets of living nature and try to understand the interactions, we can only be astonished. There are so many new and unknown things to discover. Our analytical capabilities are steadily increasing worldwide to understand new relationships in the micro and nanometer scale. This is the basis for understanding life, even in larger contexts. The translation of this knowledge into technology is called bionics. The proximity of engineering to enlivening nature leads to responsible sustainable development. 

Our world needs new ideas and visions in order to solve the current global problems: CO2 emission and microplastics in rivers, in the sea, in soil and even in the air. The young people are demonstrating for their future. 

I believe Bionics can give many of answers and ideas for new ways in the future for our human life, new ideas in a technical world in order to support in solving these problems. Biology is so fantastic, so fascinating and gives so many ideas for improvements or great progress. Actual great tasks are energy, energy storage, energy saving in all technical processes with the help of sensors, lightweight constructions, reduced friction, smart management, …. If we are looking to non biodegradable plastic in our environment, biology shows other ways with biopolymers, composites and different methods of material recycling. Biology can give a lot of ideas to help our technical world overcome the actual challenges. 

So in my personal opinion Bionics or Biomimetics will be much more important in the next years than it was in the last years. This science is able to generate new solutions for our greatest problems in the world. 

All of our members are experts in a special area with special knowledge and have the opportunity to look into a special field for sustainable solutions with the help of living nature. But comprehensive solutions for our technical world are multidisciplinary and need knowhow from different fields of knowledge. And this is exactly the aim of our International Society of Bionic Engineering: to bring people together from different disciplines and nations in the bionic science, to raise up discussions, to create joint strategies and bring forward the education of the next generations. 

Thomas Stegmaier

President, International Society of Bionic Engineering


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