New Book: Ocean Innovation
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Ocean Innovation: Biomimetics Beneath the Waves
by Iain A. Anderson; Julian Vincent; 
John Montgomery
CRC Press; 188 Pages   ISBN 9781439837627
Biomimetics is the idea of creating new technologies abstracted from what we find in biology. Ocean Innovation: Biomimetics Beneath the Waves seeks that technological inspiration from the rich diversity of marine organisms.
Bringing both a biological and an engi-neering perspective to the biomimetic potential of oceanic organisms, this richly illustrated book investigates questions such as:
How can we mimic the sensory systems of sea creatures like sharks, sea turtles, and lobsters to improve our ability to navigate underwater? How can we become invisible to marine life? How can we diffuse oxygen from water to enable deep diving without the risk of decompression sickness?
Each chapter explores an area where we, as divers and technologists, can benefit from understanding how animals survive in the sea, presenting case studies that demonstrate how natural solutions can be applied to mankind’s engineering challenges.


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