Department of Oil & Gas Production Equipment, PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development
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The Bionic Engineering Research Laboratory of the Department of Oil & Gas Production Equipment, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development was established in 2009. It is mainly engaged in the application research of bionics in the field of petroleum engineering. After years of research and development, the laboratory has made some breakthroughs in material bionics, surface bionics, information bionics, engineering bionics and so on. The laboratory has developed technologies such as bionic expansion cone with drag reduction and wear resistance, bionic metal foam composites for sand control, bionic vibration wave communication, bionic downhole power generation and energy storage technology. Some of these technologies have been applied to oil fields and have achieved good production results.

After exploration, analysis and summary, the laboratory will carry out the whole chain research of bionics based on the actual demand of the oil field, and carry out work in three areas: information acquisition and transmission, bionic surface treatment, wellbore detection and treatment. Information acquisition and transmission is primarily the simulation and implementation of biological information acquisition, data processing, information communication and collaboration among organisms, including bionic sensing and bionic communication. Bionic surface treatment is to imitate the biological surface structure on the surface of the object, resulting in better surface properties, including mechanical components and sensor surface. Wellbore detection and treatment is to achieve the free movement of detection instruments and wellbore detection analysis and treatment through the imitation of biological function engineering, including wellbore detection and wellbore transportation.




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