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Changchun Ruitai Bionic Technology Co. Ltd. is located at Jiutai Economic Development Zone Halun Industrial Park, Changchun and its registered capital is RMB 20000,000 yuan. The main shareholders include Changchun Ruitai Pump Industry Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as Ruitai), Science and Technology Park Incubator of Jilin University (hereinafter referred to as Jilin University), Jilin province Science and Technology Investment Fund Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as STIF). 

The company has been in long-term cooperation with Key Laboratory of Bionic Engineering of Ministry of Education, Jilin University and National and Local Joint Laboratory of Bionic Engineering. It has established a key technology research center for Bionic Pump, Technical Test Base and an Industrial Base. Bionic Engineering technology is used to control dynamical fluid medium so as to reduce the resistance of the core components of the pump products and achieve the goal of improving the efficiency of a series of pump products. A new series of high efficiency Bionic Petrochemical Pumps, Bionic water Pumps and other products have been innovated. These technologies have exceeded the traditional design theory and technology of the pump products; its principle is to simulate the surface structure of an organism with a drag reduction function in a fluid medium, while considering the factors such as geometric shape, physical structure and material, constructing bionic function surface with synergistic resistance and drag reduction. This technique is applied to the surface of impeller, which is the core component of pump, to achieve the purpose of dynamic control of the fluid medium, and reduce the resistance while increasing efficiency. The technology has a series of advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, and environment-friendly. At present, the technology has obtained 4 items of Invention Patent and Utility Model Patent, one of them have won the Second Annual Patent gold medal of Jilin province; and obtained 2 Scientific and Technological achievements in Jilin Province, and conferred by the Jilin provincial Science and Technology Department. This expert group, led by academician Wang Erkang, gave the following appraisal: “This technology is innovative and has extensive application and popularization value, its achievements have independent intellectual property rights, key parts has reached the international advanced level. ” 





The primary business of the company is to design, develop, produce and sell various models of Bionic Petrochemical Pumps, Bionic Pumps, and provide related technical service. 

Changchun Ruitai Bionic Technology Co. Ltd. aims at solving the problems of low efficiency and cavitation erosion of traditional fluid machinery, and applying bionic technology to develop new pump products. 

The company welcomes experts and scholars around the world with relevant mature technology to join it.



Address: C508 Dingxin Building, Jilin University, 2699 Qianjin Street, Changchun 130012, P. R. China
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