[2021-Vol.18-Issue 6]Modification of the Micro Arc-oxidized Ti Surface for Implant Applications
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Journal of Bionic Engineering (2021) 18:1391–1399

Modifcation of the Micro Arc-oxidized Ti Surface for Implant Applications 

Eren Yilmaz 1,2 

1 Department of Welding Technology, Sakarya Applied Sciences University, Arifye Vocational High School, 54187 Sakarya, Turkey
2 Sakarya Applied Sciences University Materials Research Center (SUMAR), 54187 Sakarya, Turkey

Abstract  Surface treatments applied to titanium and its alloys for implant applications are important for the development of bio properties. In this study, frst an oxide layer was formed on the surface of the titanium plate by micro arc oxidation, and then both calcium phosphate and calcium phosphate/chitosan accumulation were performed for diferent samples by the sol–gel method. FE-SEM/EDS examinations, XRD, FTIR and thermal analysis were performed for these micro arc-oxidized, calcium phosphate-coated and calcium phosphate/chitosan-coated surfaces. The surface roughnesses for these surfaces were measured between 10 ?m and 100 ?m, suitable for bone development on the surface. The efect of chitosan addition on the calcium phosphate-coated surface on apatite formation ability and antibacterial properties was investigated. Although the addition of chitosan slows down the formation of apatite, it ensured that the coating had antibacterial properties. The calcium phosphate/chitosan biocomposite obtained can be recommended for dental and orthopedic implants. 

Keywords Micro arc oxidation · Sol–gel · Hydroxyapatite · Chitosan · Implant


Surface spectroscopy analysis of MAO, HA and HA–CHI surfaces

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