[2022-Vol.19-Issue 2]Dynamic Camouflage Characteristics of a Thermal Infrared Film Inspired by Honeycomb Structure
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Journal of Bionic Engineering (2022) 19:458–470

Dynamic Camoufage Characteristics of a Thermal Infrared Film Inspired by Honeycomb Structure 

Lujia Li1  · Huanhuan Li1  · Gang Kou2  · Dafeng Yang2  · Wei Hu2  · Jinghui Peng1  · Songjing Li1

1 Department of Fluid Control and Automation, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150001, China 2 Research Institute for National Defense Engineering of Academy of Military Science PLA China, Luoyang 471023, China

AbstractThermal infrared camoufage technology has attracted increasing attention with the progress of infrared surveillance technologies. Inspired by honeycombs, a thermal infrared camoufage flm with honeycomb sandwich structure based on fuid and temperature control is proposed to cloak objects and display false targets in the thermal infrared spectrum. The structure and manufacturing method of the flm are introduced, and the fuid and temperature control system is established and tested to explore the thermal infrared characteristics of the flm composed of diferent thermal units. The camoufage performance of the flm is intuitively displayed through the temperature frequency histograms of the infrared images photographed by an infrared camera. The temperature control accuracy of the thermal infrared camoufage system and the dynamic camoufage response of the flm are evaluated by the temperature distribution map of each pixel in infrared images and the salient degree values. Furthermore, the infuential factors on the camoufage responding time are investigated, including the heating and cooling time of the liquid, the fow rate of pumps inside the driving module, and the energy loss along the liquid lines. An application of displaying false target is also introduced and tested. The results show that the camoufage flm has a well camoufage efect and a wide adjustment temperature range, showing promise for a broad range of potential applications, such as counter-surveillance, thermal control and heat shielding. 

Keywords  Bioinspiration · Film · Thermal camoufage · Honeycomb structure · Temperature control


Structure and working principle of the film. a Working principle of a thermal unit; b The manufacturing and bonding process of the film; c The connected structure of cavities; d Silica gel films.

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