[2023-Vol.20-Issue 2]Hydrothermal Desulfurization on Porous Sulfonated CFR-PEEK Surface Structure Used for Implant Application
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Journal of Bionic Engineering (2023) 20:748–761

Hydrothermal Desulfurization on Porous Sulfonated CFR-PEEK Surface Structure Used for Implant Application Jingdan 

Li1  · Wen Qin1  · Patrick Osei Lartey1  · Yulong Fu1  · Jing Ma1 

1 School of Material Science and Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology, Taiyuan 030024, China

 AbstractThe poor wear resistance and bio-inertness surface of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) limits the implant applications of PEEK and its composites. Carbon fber (CFR) was used to boost the wear resistance of PEEK; however, the bioactivity of carbon fber-reinforced polyetheretherketone (CFR-PEEK) composites is even worse. The bioactivity of CFR-PEEK can be enhanced by constructing 3D porous structure. Nevertheless, large number of sulfur component introduced by sulfonation shows cytotoxicity and can cause damage to human cells. Besides, the sulfur component afects the cytotoxicity and bioactivity of sulfonated CFR-PEEK (SCFR-PEEK). Hydrothermal treatment can sweep away the sulfur component in the 3D porous structure of SCFR-PEEK. Meanwhile, the changes in crystallinity and hardness after hydrothermal treatment may also afect the wear resistance. Therefore, the efect of hydrothermal temperature on wear resistance, cytotoxicity and bioactivity of SCFR-PEEK were studied. In this work, the samples with hydrothermal temperature 90–120 ℃ exhibited high wear resistance. The 3D pore structure of SCFR-PEEK unchanged after hydrothermal treatment, and the sulfur component in the 3D pore structure gradually decreased with increasing hydrothermal temperature by SEM images and EDS analysis. In addition, SCFR-PEEK treated in 90–120 ℃. Exhibited low cytotoxicity and high bioactivity, which is benefcial for the implant materials. 

Keywords Carbon fber-reinforced polyetheretherketone composites · Biomaterials · Hydrothermal treatment · Cytotoxicity · Microstructure · Surface structure


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