Prof. Chris Rudd OBE, the Vice-President of the ISBE has received the Chinese Government Friendship Award
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Prof. Chris Rudd OBE — Deputy Vice Chancellor and Head of Campus, Singapore at James Cook University (JCU) — has been awarded the 2020 Chinese Government Friendship Award for his outstanding contributions to China’s socialist modernisation and international exchange and cooperation. On 8 May 2023, Academician Prof.  Xi Zhang, the President of Jilin University met with Prof. Rudd and handed over the certificate and medal. 


1.jpgAs the winner of the Chinese Government Friendship Award, Prof. Rudd was also invited to present “JLU Global Lecture” entitled "Life Changing Materials" to the whole university which was presided over by Prof. Zhihui Zhang, the General Secretary of the ISBE.

The Chinese Government Friendship Award is a prestigious national-level award presented by the Chinese government to foreign experts who have made significant contributions to China's economic and social progress. To date, approximately 1,799 individuals have received the award since 1991.

Prof. Rudd is a renowned academic with extensive experience in the field of mechanical engineering. He has made significant contributions to research in Advanced Materials to build lightweight engineering structures, and has been supported by several international awards. His team has contributed to the introduction of new materials and processes in the automotive, aerospace, and medical devices industries. In 2019, Prof. Rudd was elected as the Vice-President of the ISBE.

The Chinese Government Friendship Award is a testament to Prof. Rudd's dedication and commitment to advancing scientific research and promoting international cooperation. In response to receiving the award, he said, “Receiving the Chinese Government Friendship Award is a great honour and I am deeply humbled to be recognised in this way. This award reflects not only my own efforts, but also the hard work and dedication of all those who have contributed to our collaborations and partnerships with Chinese institutions. I firmly believe that international cooperation and collaboration are essential to addressing global challenges and advancing scientific progress. I am committed to continuing our efforts to strengthen ties with China, and to promoting cross-cultural understanding and knowledge exchange.”

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