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The 1st International Conference of Bionic Engineering - ICBE’06
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September 17-21, 2006, Changchun, P. R. China



Prof. Julian Vincent, University of Bath, UK

“A system for biomimetic innovations”

Prof. Yuying Yan, University of Nottingham, UK

“The potential of computational simulation of biomimetics problems of macro-, meso-, and micro-scales”

Prof. Jianqiao Li, Jilin University, China

“Biomimetics of anti-adhesion and drag reduction for terrain”

Ms. Dan Wang, Editorial Department of Journal of Bionic Engineering, China

“Introduction of Journal of Bionic Engineering”

Topic Ⅰ: Locomotion, intelligence, modeling, system integration, information and control technology relating to bionics

Prof. Gerhard von der Emde, University of Bonn, Germany

“Biomimetic sensors: Active electrolocation of weakly electric fish as a model for active sensing in technical systems”

Mr. Shucai Xu, Jilin University, China

“Measuring system for bionic plough based on virtual instrument technology”

Prof. Shujun Zhang, Gloucestershire University, UK

“Optimisig the Body Layout Design of a Limbed Machine”

Ms.Yanru Zhao, Jilin University, China

“Machine vision-based image analysis for the estimation of pear external quality”

Prof. Yubin Lan, Areawide Pest Management Research Unit, USA

“Multisensor data fusion for high quality data analysis and processing in measurement and instrumentation”

Mr. Guoru Zhao,Jilin University, China

“The measurement and analysis of gait information of the human body and biomimetic engineering”

Prof. Wan-Doo Kim, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, Korea

“Numerical analysis of the adhesive forces in nano-scale structure”

Mr. Liang Xu, Jilin University, China

“The three—dimensional geometrical modeling for head of wild boar by reverse engineering technology”

Prof. Yuying Yan, University of Nottingham, UK

“CFD simulation of fish-like body moving in viscous liquid”

Mr. Chengchun Zhang, Jilin University, China

“Numerical analysis of turbulent flow over bionic scrobiculate ringed surface for drag reduction”

Mr. Paul Riggs, University of Bath, UK

“Technical description of the bathymysis, a multi-purpose biomimetic submersible robot”

Topic II: Fundamental understanding of animals and plants for bionic and biomimetic engineering, bionic design and manufacturing

Prof. Zhendong Dai, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

“Effects of morphology and contacts mechanics on adhesive characteristics of Dung Beetle’s bristle and Gecko’s setae”

Dr. Jiyu Sun, Jilin University, China

“Fracture toughness properties of three different biomaterials measured by manoindentation”

Ms. Hui-I Wen, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan

“A methodology of innovative product design from nature”

Mr. Liyuan Wu, Jilin University, China

“The microstructures of butterfly wing scales in northeast of China”

Mr. Daibing Zhang, National University of Defense Technology, China

“A bionic neural network for fish-robot locomotion”

Dr. Ce Guo, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

“Comparative studies on the structure and function of foot-hairs in two gecko species”

Mr. Rhodri Armour, University of Bath, UK

“Rolling in nature and robotics: A review”

Mr. Yong Chen, Jilin University, China

“Simulation of jumping morphology of the locust-like robot”

Mr. Tianjiang Hu, National University of Defense Technology, China

“Review of the biomimetic devices inspired by MPF undulatory propulsion”

Ms. Zhaomei Qiu, Jilin University, China

“Progress on structural optical properties of butterfly wing scales”

Topic III: Biological materials and surfaces for bionic and biomimetic engineering

Prof. Yuying Yan, University of Nottingham, UK

“Numerical simulation of electroosmotic flow near an earthworm surface”

Mr. Jianfeng Hao, Jilin University, China

“Experimental research on friction and wear property of bionic through-hole”

Ms. Silke Affinass, University of Applied Science Bremen, Germany

“Trends in biomimetical bioceramics”

Mr. Lichun Dong, Jilin University, China

“Experimental investigation on anti-wear properties of laser texturing gear with bionic surface”

Dr. Limei Tian, Jilin University, China

“The study of drag reduction around bodies of revolution using bionic non-smooth surfaces”

Prof. Changhai Zhou, Jilin University, China

“Surface morphology and its sound deadening effect of strix uralensis feathers”

Mr. Fu Zhang, Jilin University, China

“Study on elytra microstructure of protaetia orentalis and biomimetic design of composites”

Ms. Yan Liu, Jilin University, China

“Wettability of the biomimetic non-smooth coating by water”

Ms. Chunhua Chang, Jilin University, China

“Image fractal characteristics of pigeon surface”

Mr. Jin Zhang, Jilin University, China

“Quantification of the configuration of clypeus of dung beetle using a fractal approach”

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